About Us

We a friendly team of people passionate creation of unusual machine embroidery designs. 

We have begun a joint collaboration in 2002 and only in 2008, we decided to turn our hobby into an online store. 

We love the experimentation and unconventional ideas. 

We hope that you will find in our store embroidery that you will like. 

Please leave comments and suggestions, we are always happy to help you.

Almost all designs in regular machine embroidery and photo stitch technique are perfectly suitable for small and large hoops and are readily available formats: 


We will add new collections often, we almost always have something "in stock" that is not yet listed. Each and every design is test-stitched until it sews out perfectly, so "what you see" on the pictures is "what you get". 

 Many designs even look more beautiful "in life" than on the pictures. In case you are looking for a particular design, please don't hesitate to email us.

Even if we don't have it at this very moment, it may be a good idea for future designs set, and we always

seriously consider your wishes and requests. 



 Sophia Barto - designer
Anna Cossack - designer
Andrew Smith - programming

and Helen - site manager. 

 We wish you a wonderful day and happy stitching!

  Kindest Regards,

  EMBROMIX.com - Sophia Barto and Anna Kozak



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