Embroidery Digitizing Service at Embroidery MIX 

 We accept orders for photo stitch,cross stitch and logo (or emblems) machine embroidery digitizing. Term of making 8 - 36 hours.

Sizes: 4x4", 5x5", 5x7", 6x8", 8x12", 14x14" hoops etc. Please specify desired size in the letter. After viewing your photos, we recommend the optimal size. Not all photos will be perfect for the small size of the embroidery design.

If you need a logo (or emblem) in regular embroidery technique, we can make a small size (1x3", 2x4" etc.).

Please Send Us your photos for embroidery digitizing.

You can order to embroidery digitizing your favorite dog, cat etc. Please look our Dog Breeds embroidery category - https://www.embromix.com/dog-breeds-embroidery-designs/cat_40.html

and try our FREE Puppy embroidery - https://www.embromix.com/free-embroidery-designs/free-puppy/prod_2733.html

embroidery digitizing

Some examples of embroidery digitizing performed by our customers >>> Embroidery digitizing service

Finished embroidery designs



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