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Attention! We don't give discounts ondigitizing service!

Discount coupon

Make an order in the amount: We'll give you
discount coupone
(valid for the entire year)
 $50 -15%
 $75 -20%
 $100 -25%
 $200 -30%

After the purchase we will send you a discount coupon of all your future purchases (for 11.25.2016 etc.). 

Each time in the buying process ("My Basket"), please enter your discount code

Discount code




Invite your friends and get our bonuses for their purchases at our store.

 Your friend has made an order for the amount: Your BONUS - any embroidery designs up to that amount:

To receive the bonus please write to us - notify the order number and amount of the order of your friend.

Important: discount and bonus programs do not work during a global holiday sales (usually Christmas sales)



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