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In our shop is very easy to make a purchase, but if you have questions, there is a simple help for you - How to Buy

Here some answers to your questions.

1. I use Sulky Rayon thread and noticed that their color does not always correspond to recommended you color in your color scheme. For example you have given "White", but the number in 1063 called Sulky Rayon "Pale Yellow-Green".

Unfortunately sometimes there are inconsistencies, because the program automatically selects the conversion of colors (differences are allowed up to 2-3%), so please check your thread colors that we send you, It is desirable also to compare the color of thread spools with a images of the colors (icons) in the color scheme on your monitor:
Color threads

2. I am interested in only the size 4"x4" Hoop. How do I choose embroidery for yourself on your site?

Write to the search string "4x4" (without quotes) and you will receive as a result of all of our embroidery designs that we offer.

3. Your embroidery designs too big size for me. I need such as embroidery, but smaller, help me.

When buying a redwork embroidery we usually send our customers smaller size files (a free bonus). If you have not received such a file, probably commissioned embroidery too dense and impossible to reduce it in size.

If you are interested in buying a large embroidery designs (5"x7" and more) in photo stitch technique, but your embroidery machine uses only 4"x4"(100x100mm) hoop and other small hoops, in comments to the order email us about it, we'll send you the embroidery design consisting of multiple files (Total Design=Part1+Part2+Part3+Part4 etc.) for 4"x4" hoop etc.

4. My embroidery machine uses JEF format, but some of your photo stitch embroidery are more 64 000 stitches. Can I use these embroidery?

JEF format for your convenience, divided into several files (A,B.C.D.E...), each of them no more than 30,000-60,000 stitches. You can also convert all formats, or write to us, we'll help you.

5. I would like to inform you that even though it says on the website that my designs have been delivered, I have not received them.

We always send to our buyers two letters:

1. Acknowledgement on the sent order.
2. The letter with the attachment files of embroideries.

If you have not received the letter with files, please check up your e-mail, in folder SPAM, sometimes email services filter letters with the attachment files and send them in this folder.

6. I have not received my designs. Help me, please.

This situation happens very rarely.

In such cases, we will send you the ordered embroidery, we obtain in response to text


"Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]  

............but it was rejected by the recipient domain................invalid address (state 14). ..."

It means that you have not received the letter on one of the reasons:

1. When placing your order, you incorrectly entered your email
2. You email is overflowed and does not accept new letters.
3. Your email server is temporarily unavailable.
4. If you have not received the letter with files, please check up your e-mail, in folder SPAM, sometimes email services filter letters with the attachment files and send them in this folder.
5. If you are confident in his email, but did not receive from us your order, please contact us and specify the alternative email. Probably at the time of submitting the order, your email service was unavailable. This situation sometimes happens.

The problem decision:

If within 24 hours you have not received the ordered files of embroideries, please write us, with instructions include your alternate email (it is better two email) that we could repeat sending. Check up also yours email a box, it is possible it it is overflowed.

7. I have bought from you an embroidery, it very much is pleasant to me, whether I can change its size, make it less half?

Usually we do not recommend to change the sizes of embroideries more, than on 5 %, the density of an embroidery differently will sharply change and there will be problems. Write us the letter, initial files to us it is easier to scale, in most cases we will help.
  Please write us your wish, perhaps we can reduce the photo embroidery for you for about 12-15% (in some cases even 30% for big size embroideries), but the result will be slightly different from the original files, we can not guarantee 100% similarity (technological singularity).

8. I often bought from you embroideries, but my new embroidery machine uses other format of files, help, what to me to do?

Is excellent FREE the decision - the program on viewing and converting of files of embroideries.

Wilcom Truesizer

Please, read and download here: 

and these -

9. I very much liked many your embroideries, but I have not found what would be desirable for me, whether I can ask you it to make?

It is quite real, but only in the event that your idea can interest other buyers.

 Please, write to us of comments with your wish, for example.

10. What color threads do you recommend?

Usually, we send our customer colors-instructions for thread Madeira Rayon, FuFu Rayon, Sulky Rayon, but we can also send you a color scheme for threads:

Threads by

11. I have files with the extensions .rar, .7z, .ace, .arc, .zip, .arj, .bin, .cue, .bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2, .cpio, .deb, .gz, .tgz, .tar.gz, .img, .cab.. But I do not know how to unpack these files, please help me?

Please look there best FREE universal extractor -

12. Can embroidery designs be purchased in EXP format?

Yes, of course.

We can convert to various formats, specified in this table (please comment in order to specify the desired format embroidery designs):


Embroidery formats files

 13. I tried repeatedly entering my security information (credit card) and each time was told that I was wrong so I decided to let it go.  I don't use Paypal. Help me.

Our billing partner 2??O help to answer:


"...The security information that your customer was referring to is most likely additional verification required by their bank through Verified by Visa or MasterCard secure code. These are additional requirements from the customers card provider so if they do not know this information they would need to contact their bank directly for assistance. You customer can also contact us directly for assistance with placing their order and we will walk them through the ordering process."


For your convenience and security, we recommend to have a special credit card for online shopping (to reduce its security status and not have on this card too much money).

14. I do not speak English, help me.

Please look at bottom left under "Embroidery Designs Show", there is a choice of language. Our site is easy to translate into:









If you speak another language, we suggest you take advantage of the extensions, the translators for your browser. These extensions are FREE, include all the popular languages. To find these extensions, please refer to Google.

15. I got to order a photo stitch embroidery design several files JEF (1234_A.jef, 1234_B.jef, 1234_C.jef ....) and one file PES. How do I use it?

Please use only three JEF files. We always send PES files with colors-file of threads.

You embroider sequence without changing the fabric in the hoop, all JEF files, changing threads is done consistently for the instruction of colors of threads.

16. How to do photo stitch embroidery?


All photo stitch designs are very dense.


Our recommendations:

Fabric: evenly-woven medium- or heavy-weight fabrics

Stabilizer: medium-weight, iron-on, tear-away (for terry-cloth towel please use heavy water soluble stabilizer)
If you want to embroider photo stitch designs on a T-shirt, please use a water-soluble fabric stabilizer (Madeira's Avalon+, Sulky Fabri-Solvy or equivalent) in 2-3 layers

Needles: #80-90/12-14 (regular or embroidery)

Threads: #50-70
If your embroidery machine is not have auto trim: to trim jump stitches after every color.

17. My embroidery machine do not read the ART (Bernina Bernette Deco), help me.

It is quite likely to write to us, we'll send you the .EXP-file, use it in conjunction with COLORS-threads-file.

Optional: clean the flash card from unnecessary files, turn off - turn on the embroidery machine.

18. I was first on your site, how can I check your site for viruses?

Please use a reliable antivirus software. There is also a very useful online service - VIRUSTOTAL.COM,
or these - , ,
There you can check our website, as well as files that we send you.
You would also check all sites and all the files that you get. It is important for our common security.


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